Thursday, January 31, 2013

Education Eggs ~ Engaging Hands-On Learning!

I am EGG-tremely  EGG-cited about this new center activity!  Sorry for the lame EGG-spressions ;)  So, let me introduce you to Education Eggs:

The first edition I have created is the Initial Sounds Set.  It comes with six Carton Cards with eggs depicting something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.  You will, of course, need an egg carton as well as a dozen plastic eggs.  The set also comes with "Egg Yolks" with all the letters on the alphabet.  You can use a craft punch (1 and 1/2") to punch these out to save time (and this is less tedious).  I glued my "yolk" onto a wooden craft chip, but you can just laminate it if you prefer.  Here is the best part:  You can differentiate the activity!  So, if you have a student who is a novice with beginning letter sounds you can place your yolks/eggs in the order matching the Carton Card.  Then each egg becomes a self-checker.  

If you have students who are developing the skill you can mix the eggs up in different places so they must open the egg and discover that the wrong letter is in the spot!  Now they must find the egg with correct letter.    

A recording sheet is included as well.  Take a look on my TeachersNotebook shop HERE!

Don't forget the BIG sales on Superbowl Sunday!

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