Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for...

Crafts!  With our daughter off from school this week I have had the pleasure and challenge of keeping her entertained while trying to keep things educational.  I am so proud of all the things she is learning in school and beginning sounds are really starting to click for her.  I have been focusing on the letters that have a capital letter and lower case letter that are nearly identical.  This week we have been working on Cc.  We started out with some jewel counting use this great FREEBIE from Edlah Preschool Resources.  We talked about how the word CROWN starts with the /c/ sound as does the word COUNT.  Then she picked out the number of jewels needed for each crown and glued them on.

Next, we went on a letter C scavenger hunt in her playroom!  She came up with some great ones.
We have carrot, cake, cupcake, crayon, cup, camel, cow, caterpillar, car, cucumber (Larry!), cookie, croissant, cat, camera, and Cookie Monster ~ of course!

Tomorrow we are going to SHOP for the C items using alphabet money that I purchased from The Moffatt Girls.  This will be great because I can incorporate literacy AND math.  I will put price stickers on each item and she will have to pay for her items using her letter C money.  

Please share if you have some favorite initial sound activities!

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