Monday, October 15, 2012

Organizing PreSchool Packs to Save Time & Money!

One of the best things in world is the ability for us to share our awesome materials with the world!  I admit, however, that I am a Pin-aholic, blog-aholic, TpT-aholic and a Teachers Notebook-aholic.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that I see so many incredible resources that I spend a lot of time and money printing , laminating, and organizing these materials.  I prefer to store them in a manner that affords me the luxury of using them multiple times.  The best method I have found is utilzing paper protectors and laminating things that are more suitable for lamination.  For example, I store all of the songs, visual discrimation, and magnet pages, grid pages, and coutning pages in page protectors.  When our daughter uses them I let her use a dry erase marker, dry erase crayons, or we place them on a cookie tray and she uses her magnets. 
Magnet pages are stored in sheet protectors and then used in a cookie sheet with magets.
Grid Games and Counting Mats are also stored in sheet protectors so they can be reused.
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Prewriting practice pages and Same or Different pages are also stored in sheet protectors.  She uses a dry erase crayon to "write" or circle the same/different picture.
Other items, such as games and puzzles, get laminated and I store all the small pieces in a CLOSEABLE self-adhesive CD sleeve. 

Couting Mats that call for the child to place a certain number of items depending on the numeral shown are laminated. The counters are stored in a self-adhesive CD holder and the numerals all have velcro.

Why do I use CLOSEABLE CD sleeves?  Because I place everything for a month or theme in a HANGING binder :)  All of these binders are then placed in order by month in a file drawer! 
I also use the self-adhesive CD holders to store miscellaneous items like vocabulary cards and small puzzle cards.
Lastly, I use resealable 6x9 envelopes to store larger puzzle pieces and larger cards that won't fit in the CD holder. 
I hope some of these ideas help you!  I would love to hear about some of the ways you store your Tot Packs and PreK Packs :)


  1. Love this idea pinning it now. It would be great to get organised so that I can just pull these out the draw to complete. I also pin loads and visit loads of blogs. Any chance that you could detail the best places you have found for finding your printables?

    1. Hi Amy! I have a blog roll in the side bar and that is where MANY of my printables come from. I also many some of my own. I have a shop on Teachers Notebook and TpT ~ I have a button/link here on this blog :)

  2. Love this! Can you tell me what brand CD sleeves you are using? I am now on the hunt for some.

    1. Hi Caitlyn! If you click on the product link in the little slideshow at the end of the post it will take you to Amazon to the exact CD sleeves I purchased :) THANKS!

  3. I love this! I am exactly like you when it comes to printing out all those cute printable packs. I love to print and laminate and organize. I probably have enough packs to last well beyond his preschool years! :)But I do have a 2 yo coming up behind him. I have been storing mine in separate vinyl envelopes. I found a ton of them at Goodwill and bought more on clearance at several stores. They work great but I use ziploc bags for the little peices. I do like the CD holders much better. Thanks for the great ideas!