Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun Acorn Fine Motor Activity!

This is a simple fine motor activity to make that is versatile and FUN!  My daughter and I collected a ton of acorns at her Nonna’s house in the fall.  I have seen some very crafty people make felted acorns that are beautiful, but mine are simply made with pom-poms.  I put several squirrel clip art images on a page and printed them on card stock.  You can laminate them if you want them to last J  Then I glued matching pom-poms in the squirrels hands.   Last, I glued the squirrels to toilet paper tubes.  Finally, you stand them in a cupcake pan and VOILA!  You have an adorable fine motor “game” for your little one to practice matching colors while honing his or her fine motor skills! 

This is versatile in that you can use cupcake liners rather than a  pan or you can even use an egg carton if you want to just stick the little squirrels in there…there is just less room so the child will only be able to transfer one or two acorns into each hole.

FYI: My squirrel graphics are from Spring Hill Graphics :)

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