Friday, February 17, 2012

More Fine Motor Fun!

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you two neat fine motor ideas that I created for our daughter.  I recently did a linky party in which you ended the phrase "You know you are a teacher when..."  Well, here is mine:
That is me!  So thanks to all the great sales and clearance sections at Michaels and Target I was able to create some more simple fine motor fun!  I found these adorable felt cups.  I put foam numbers on them and now Pickle can place the appropriate number of marshmallows on her hot chocolate!  
Since Easter is coming up I have jelly beans on my mind ~ LOL!  I saw these cute egg platters at the party store and made a dice game to reinforce numbers and colors.  I used puffy paint on the bottom of the egg platter to make dots.  Next, place the jelly beans in the center tray.  
I have photo cube blocks that I purchased from Amazon that can be customized for anything! The website Education Cubes is a members-only site that has I printed the number cards from there.   Then I printed colored jelly beans from Confessions of a Homeschooler's J is for Jellybean unit on cardstock and put those in the cubes too.
Now when Pickle rolls the dice she will get a color and a number.  She will have to find that number jelly beans in that specific color and transfer them to the egg tray matching the number shown.  You can use easy-grip tweezers or let your little one use their fingers :)

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